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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So, I am in school right now.

I should be writing an article on ChatRoulette, or my school's new weighted grades deal, but I'm not. Why? I'm lazy.
I hate doing work in school. Unless it's due at the end of the block, I hate doing it. I hate doing it at home, too, but I prefer it to be done in the comfort of my room. There's just something about messing around on the computer at school that seems so interesting! I'm such a rebel!
Or maybe it's because the teacher sees I am not doing the work and assumes it's not going to get done, and then I surprise them the next day by flashing my finished assignment in their face and saying "did it, biotch!"

Still, I hate homework. I hate the idea of homework, really. Why the hell do we go to school for over 7 hours a day and then have to go home and do more school work? Especially in my school where we have 90 minute classes...that isn't enough time to learn one lesson? Some movies are shorter than that, and you can learn all kinds of stuff (especially if it's a documentary or something).
I mean, Christ, we have lives (most of us) and we would like to live them. K-12 is a bitch, anyway. Yes, it deserves to die, and I hope it burns in Hell!

Speaking of Hell, I'll probably write about my faith and how I lost it soon. Yeah, sounds good.

-D. Wicks

P.S. Can someone loan me $1,000,000? Thanks.

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